Our online Metagenics store is now live!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our online Metagenics store! Metagenics is a nutritional supplement company, and we have found its products to be of consistently good quality. We particularly like their Glycogenics Vitamin B-Complex, which is the most balanced B-Complex vitamin that we know of.

The Metagenics online store, as with many medical online stores, is set up so that the doctor receives any profit resulting from the sale of products. Dr. Glasgow believes that recommending products is unethical if there is a financial relationship, and so the launch of our store was delayed until a workaround could be found. In this case, we have adjusted the price of supplements for our patients so that it is 5.3% above cost, which is just enough to cover processing costs. Due to the approximation of rates, we may receive a few cents here and there, but we believe this to be negligible. We therefore do not make money off any supplements we recommend, and only recommend products that we think are of good quality and helpful to our patients.

We appreciate your continued faith in us and we are proud of the care we give our patients.

Thank you!

Our store:

*To order from the Metagenics store, you will need our practitioner code. Contact us if you do not have it.