Free Relaxation/Stress Relief Acupuncture Treatment!

Yes, it’s true- we are offering a free acupuncture treatment for relaxation/stress relief!

That can’t be true. What’s the catch?

The catch is I don’t know if it will help you.

Many patients feel calmer and more relaxed after acupuncture, but some don’t. In studies, acupuncture is not consistently effective, meaning we still don’t fully know when it’s useful and when it’s not.1 The only way to know if acupuncture helps you feel calmer and more relaxed is to try it and see. I don’t think it’s right to ask patients to pay for a treatment that I don’t know will help them, so I decided to offer a free trial session.

If you try acupuncture and don’t feel any benefit, then we’ll know it doesn’t work for you. But if you do feel better and would like to be treated regularly, we can do that! For patients who feel calmer and more relaxed with acupuncture, I recommend getting treated monthly at first and then we can adjust the frequency to fit your needs.

R. A. Glasgow, D.C.

Click here or call (804) 745-1605 to schedule your trial acupuncture relaxation session. There is no obligation to schedule additional appointments or purchase anything.

*This offer also applies to our Corporate Acupuncture services. For Corporate Acupuncture, Dr. Glasgow will travel to your workplace and treat employees with acupuncture for relaxation/stress relief. $40 per employee, 5 employees minimum. For more information, contact us or call (804) 745-1605.

1. Ma R. Acupuncture for Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A Systematic Review. Journal of Psychology & Psychotherapy. 2014;04(05). doi:10.4172/2161-0487.1000155.