Our Beliefs

Our purpose is to provide quality chiropractic care to Richmond, VA, and the surrounding areas. We are proud to adhere to the latest medical standards, including the informed consent process and HIPAA-compliant security. We utilize the evidence-based medicine model, meaning that your care is always supported by your values, the doctor’s expertise, and the best available research.

It is our duty to treat you fairly and with respect, and we value your trust in us.

From Dr. Glasgow:

”I am a neuromusculoskeletal primary care doctor. This means that I am well-equipped to be the point of contact for patients, and my specialized training means that I should be the first doctor you see if any part of your body hurts, doesn’t feel right, or doesn’t move like it should.

I take my fiduciary responsibility to you seriously. I swear that every treatment performed is intended to serve the best interests of your health. That is the highest standard to which I can hold myself as a doctor, and I am honored to care for you as a patient.

Yours in health,

R. A. Glasgow, D.C.”

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